Views People

Nigel Horspool is professor of Computer Science at the University of Victoria, Canada, and immediate past-chair. He conceived the Views idea in February 2002, and implemented the current standard version which runs on Windows. He is working on a new reflective version of Windows as well as a generalisation of the idea to other APIs, known as ToolKitMagic.

Judith Bishop is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Pretoria. She assisted in the design of Views, wrote many of the programs that use Views on the website and in C# Concisely. She keeps people on the project connected and interacts with the sponsors. She wrote or co-authored the papers on Views.

Basil Worrall is an MSc student and Project Manager in the Polelo Laboratory at the University of Pretoria. He wrote the Qt version of Views which enables Views to run on platforms other than Windows.

David-John Miller third year student at UP, who did early work on an XML-GUI system which fed many ideas into Views. D-J continues to research around the area for us and come up with good ideas.

Kathrin Berg, MSc student at UP in the Polelo Lab, who tests the many Views programs that are used in C# Concisely.

Jonathan Mason, MSc student at UVic, is assisting with the rewriting of Views2 which uses reflection internally. He is also involved on the ToolkitMagic project for his MSc.

Hulisani Ratshinanga Honours student at UP who took the initiative to produce the produce the very helpful Views Tutorial linked on this site.

Johannes Eickhold, Mathhias Kempka and Mihael Vrbanec are students in Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. They successfully ported ViewsQt to Linux to run on Mono.l


Rajwinder Panesar-Walawege, who received her MSc from UVic in 2003 for a thesis based on Views.

Dr. Bernhard Scholz (The University of Sydney, Australia) worked on a front end for Views

updated 19 June 2004